Live Event Career Courses

Through our digital education platform we work with expert instructors/Authors to create productions that will give you access to transformational knowledge that empowers you to expand your boundaries, unleash your potential and become Fire Service Leaders – on your terms.                          


The Fire Alumni Events continue to motivate and educate future Firefighters in the right direction. The FFX takes place regionaly throughout the country and has become the fastest growing community that inspires Future Firefighters. Here you can come and learn from leaders the way to become a Firefighter and how to maintain professionalism throughout your career.


Fire Service Recruitment Technology

Organizational culture is a critical part of your recruitment process. However before you can begin recruiting the right candidates, you must be able to showcase your departments culture and brand. Fire Alumni's talent acquisition technology enables your department to reflect its unique brand, culture and job opportunities via custom built recruitment pages that feel like a seemless extension of your organization. This technology is in collaboration with the Fire Alumni ecosystem of partners to assist in recruitment distribution.